#Human Rights
The MCPS school board and the IXL program
United States of America

We, the sixth graders at BMS, are wanting to stop IXL permanently.
We have reasons why-
1. The teachers are supposed to be teaching math with the program, not the program by itself
2. It gives you 2 measly points for each one that is correct but makes you lose 7 points when you get a question wrong, I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!!! (I'm not exaggerating either!)
3. Everyone HATES it and does not teach us anything.
4. This goes with 3 but all the reviews made by us 6th graders and fellow teens says the same thing "WE HATE IT!!!!" Not, "we learned something from this program". Just STOP USING IXL!!!!
5. All IXL does is make us more stressful and adds on to our anxiety problems.

So yeah,
There you have it

Please sign if you agree to the reasons we don't like IXL and also just sign if you don't like/ hate IXL

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