Hideout Property Owners
United States of America

In October 2002, a 76ft mobile home was placed on Hideout lot 1875. This is in direct violation of the Hideout protective covenants, rules and regulations, and building codes.

In signing this petition you are stating that you are a member of the Hideout and you beleive that the mobile home needs to be removed from the Hideout and no other mobile home be allowed to be placed on any Hideout lot.

At this time when over 100 lots have been sold on repository, we have to ensure that our community and properties are protected. If this home is allowed to stay, we set a precedence and more will follow. This home happens to be next door to me but the next may be next to you. Allowing this manufactured mobile home not only affects the value of my property but of all the properties in the Hideout.

The voice of the people has always been a powerful tool throughout the history of this great country. I am but one voice. Stand behind me, stand with me in trying to protect our community. I don't think that the people who were elected to the board are acting in the best interest of our community.

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