Oxley Minerals Pty Ltd submitted a mineral licence application to the DPI to explore and potentially mine over 45 square kilometres of private farming and wilderness land in the upper Hastings Valley (Bunnoo River area of Comboyne and Tom's Creek).

We must stop this this type of development and other attempts to exploit our pristine environment whereby generations of prime farming land, pristine wilderness and waterways could all be carved up and destroyed.

Comboyne has some of Australia's richest agricultural soil, highest rainfall, and serves as a crucial food and water resource for the entire Hastings area.

Help us stop exploration of this area of outstanding natural beauty NOW!

Finally after weeks of waiting following on from the public advise given by Oxley Minerals that the application was being withdrawn we can advise that the exploration license application No.3508 has been OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWN and that this has been confirmed by the DPI.

Thank you for your concern, action and signatures. PLEASE KEEP SIGNING THOUGH! This is a real wake up call for both the local and wider area. Exploration appliations have a habit of resurfacing. An exploration licence application was approved last year by the DPI in the Queens lake area between Laurieton and Port Macquarie - AN APPLICATION OVER THE SAME AREA WAS WITHDRAWN IN 2006!

Your support will protect this area from future exploration and mining applications and send a clear message to the DPI and State and Local Government THAT WE DO NOT WANT EXPLORATION OR MINING FOR THIS AREA!

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We, the undersigned, call on Oxley Minerals Pty Ltd to withdraw their application with the DPI for exploration of the Comboyne plateau and Bunnoo River/Tom's creek areas.

We also call on the DPI to recognise that this area encompasses some of Australia's finest farming and grazing land and must be protected for future generations as a food and water resource, and not explored or mined now or in the future.

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