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Midland City Council, Midland, Michigan
United States of America

Momentum Midland is a newly formed initiative of individuals, investors, businesses, and local foundations associated with the Michigan Baseball League which is headquartered at Dow Diamond in Midland, Michigan.

In July, the privately operated group petitioned the Midland City Council to allow them to relocate the popular Midland Farmer's Market from its current location next to the Tridge to Putnam Park, which is located within the recently expanded Downtown Development District.

This small piece of city-owned property is the undeveloped piece of green space that has separated the two access roads for the Poseyville Road Bridge at the east end of Main Street for more than 50 years.

The bridge access ramp on the western side E. Ellsworth Street will have to be removed to accommodate an expanded market which will be built along E. Ellsworth and above Cronkright Street directly across from Ace Hardware.

As taxpayers, do you support the attempts by the private Momentum Midland investor group to encourage the elected Midland City Council, and business and community leaders to implement their personal projects and investments which, they claim, will enhance downtown to attract young professionals, enable economic development, and create jobs?

Do you believe Momentum Midland's conceptual vision for downtown Midland is critical to our community's future success?

Please sign this petition if you DISAGREE with the Momentum Midland petition to relocate the Midland Farmer's Market to Putnam Park.

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