Government Officials and School Administrators

"The Little Black Book" is being promoted across Canada as a guide to healthy sexuality for teenage girls. In reality, it is a dangerous, unscientific and offensive piece ideological propaganda.

Among the books more egregious assertions:

- "A lot of parents are homophobic, and so are their children - until they get minds of their own."

- "If you need a figure to represent God The Holiness then for me she’s a fat, black dyke."

- Only 10% of the population are heterosexual while 10% are homosexual, the remaining 80% are bi-sexual.

- A chapter entitled "My First Time F---ing a Girl".

The book promotes sexual activity among girls as young as 13 years. It teaches children how to use "safe-sex" devices without warning them about the failure rates of these devices. It even suggests how some devices can be modified (stitched onto underwear) before using "for added fun", advice which, if followed, will lead to the failure of the device.

This book was produced in part with funds provided by all three levels of government and its online version is currently being sponsored by Industry Canada.

To learn more about "The Little Black Book" go to http://canadianvalues.ca/news.aspx?aid=226

We implore government and educational officials NOT to introduce "The Little Black Book" into the curriculum of Canada's schools, either as a text book, or resource.

We further demand that all three levels of government immediately cease all direct and indirect funding for this book and that the federal government of Canada stop sponsoring its online distribution.

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