#Animal Rights
London City Hall

Good day, my name is Suzanne and I have started a petition to change a current by-law which allows specifically the animal shelter: London Animal Care Center, here in London Ontario, to be able to euthanize any healthy cat or dog which is placed in their care, where they see fit - to a 'No Kill Policy' by-law instated for all of London.

On a recent visit to the London Animal Care Center, I found out that they have a Liability Release form which is given to and must be signed by the releasing party which reads: "I hereby release the animal described below to the London Animal Care Centre to be shelterd for the redemption period of 4 days and then assessed for adoption or euthanasia, as they see fit."

I was personally informed by a City Hall employee who runs this initiative that only about 10% of animals at this shelter are euthanized, but for me - 1 innocent, healthy animal being put to sleep is 1 too many.

From City Hall's perspective (where this by-law was first created), I can empathize with why they felt that this regulation might be the best scenerio, especially when at times, London Animal Care Center is bombarded with trying to house too many unwanted animals. London Animal Care does not turn away any animal, so this by-law gives the facility the right to euthanize if deemed necessary. But I feel that there is another way.

In the section 'Letter to the Editor' during the week of March the 29th, 2010, in the London Free Press, I will be submitting a letter talking specifically about this issue & petition, plus I will also provide an email address: savinganimalslivesinlondon@hotmail.com for any person who would like to email me their thoughts & ideas, and or for those loving souls in London who would be willing to share their home as a temporary foster home for those animals in shelters who would have been previously euthanized due to over crowding.

And at the City Hall meetings on April 12th & April 19th, 2010, I will be showing this petition and providing any names of individuals who would like to become fostering families - in the hopes that these 2 initiatives will be enough of a reason for council to change this 'Kill Policy' to a 'No Kill Policy' by-law. Having at least a handful of people who would be willing to become fostering families for those animals that the shelter cannot house, in my eyes, is a good temporary solution as an alternative to putting them to sleep.

You may also agree that every creature SHOULD have the right to continue to live! You and I CAN make a difference!

Thank you for taking your time to read and sign this petition and or for emailing your thoughts & ideas to me.

We, the undersigned, call on London City Hall to create a 'No Kill Policy' by-law pertaining to all animals in the city of London Ontario.

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