#Roads & Transport
Scottish Government


With out any consultation or warning Orkney and Shetland are again prejudiced against by the Scottish Government.

We missed out on the Road Equivalent Tariff that discounted heavily for the populations of the Western Isles, now we have to extend our travel time to an unkown length due to our ferries having to run on 2 engines instead of 4.

Not only is this again treating us second class to West coast ferry services, this makes the journey more uncomfortable particularly in bad weather.

We rely heavily on tourism for our local economies, this decision gives another obstacle for tourists planning to visit us.

Mr Salmond please try traveling to Shetland or Orkney overnight on the ferry.. and not in a cabin, sleep on the cinema floor as the cabins are fully booked.. Then tell the ferry to go slower!

We, the undersigned call upon First Minister Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government to reverse the decision to force Northlink ferries to run on half engines, and to treat our lifeline ferry service on equal terms too others in Scotland.

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