#Neighborhood Living
Butler County Department of Development
United States of America

We demand a stop to the rezoning of agricultural and suburban residence land in and around Land of Illusion to preserve Madison Township as a quiet rural community for the following reasons:

Land of Illusion has failed for years to respect their resident neighbors.

They have failed to comply with Madison Township's noise ordinance for years.

It will increase the noise level to the surrounding residents to an unbearable level. Resulting in reduction in quality of life.

This expansion opens up the precedence that any agriculture and suburban residence land in Madison Township can be rezoned into an unwanted business.

Residents want to Preserve Madison Township as a quiet rural community.

This holds great risk of decreasing the surrounding resident's property value.

Madison Township roads, fire department and EMS do not have the capability to handle such an expansion.

Failure to comply with details of previous zoning agreement in respect to noise level for the surrounding residents.

Local resident concerns that existing irrigation issues will be exacerbated by further development.

We the undersigned citizens respectfully say NO to the expansion of Land of Illusion Amusement Park now and going forward on future expansions.

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