#Animal Rights
Central Coast Council

Approximately 45 Councils in Australia have already banned circuses that use animals. Many countries around the world have also banned the archaic and cruel inclusion of animals in circuses. We support animal-free circuses.

We are asking the Central Coast Council to follow suit and place a ban on exotic animal circuses. We do not want circuses that use animals to come into our community. We are concerned about the public health, safety, and animal welfare issues.

We stand with the position expressed by the RSPCA, Animals Australia and Animal Liberation. There is no way a circus is able to meet all of the mental and physical needs of an animal held in captivity, no matter how well managed it is. Please don't allow animal circuses back into our community.

We, the undersigned petitioners, call on the Central Coast Council to introduce a ban on exotic animals performing in circuses in the Central Coast NSW, effective immediately.

Extensive scientific research has shown conclusively that circus life is not compatible with the needs of exotic animals. Performing circus animals are kept for prolonged periods in close confinement, in artificial social groups and are continually being transported between circus venues for the duration of their performing lives. The life of an exotic circus animal leads to stress and boredom, and often results in abnormal behaviours or stereotypies, such as repetitive pacing or swaying. Coercing exotic animals to perform unnatural and sometimes dangerous tricks does nothing to educate the public or foster respect for animals, serves no valid conservation purpose and cannot be justified as anything more than an outdated form of entertainment.

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