BC Liberal Party President, Premier and party Leader

Board of Directors add to the cost of Operations Patronage, appointments of BC Liberal supporters. No value added contribution to Public Corporation. What is an Independent Statutory Agency? A monopoly does in no way justify a need for Board of Directors. A Board of Directors do not answer to the BC Public.

A Board of Directors is a scape goat for BC Liberals. Board of Directors absolve BC Minister of any responsibility Salary. Benefits awarded by Board of Directors are irresponsible and obscene. The rich get richer and the Public purse pays through the nose. There is no justification to increase cost of operating another layer of bureaucratic unwanted and overpaid BC Liberal gravy train wannabees.

We the undersigned want the BC Liberal Party to dispose of all Board of Directors, which were appointed to oversee the Public Corporations and demand that the Ministers responsible be held to account for all Independent Statutory Agencies under their care.

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