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The Mayor and Councilors of the City of Victor Harbor Council

This petition is to entreat the Council of Victor Harbor, South Australia to reject the application for a diesel fuelled peak power plant in the Hindmarsh Valley area.

The petition of the undersigned residents and visitors of the District of Victor Harbor

We draw the attention of the Elected Members of the Council to our opposition to the development application no: 453/081/12 assessment no: A11123 by Fleurieu Power Company for the erection of a peak energy power plant at Lot 403 Lincoln Park Drive, Hindmarsh Valley in Victor Harbor, South Australia.

The Development is opposed for reasons that include, but not limited to, the following:

1. It poses a potential health and safety threat to the community and will prejudice their right to enjoy their property and chosen lifestyle;

2. It poses an extreme fire threat being bounded by the high fire risk zone and situated within the medium fire risk zone;

3. It poses a serious threat of contaminating the wetlands and watercourses on its border to the endangerment of its bird, animal, plant and fish life;

4. It will have an adverse effect on property values, discourage tourism potential and impede investment in the area;

5. It will scar the attractiveness of the hills face and town entrance and decry the pristine and clean image of the town.

We believe this development does not conform to Council’s Development Plan 2010 Consolidated – 3 November 2011. In particular but not limited to:
Council Wide: Objective 7: Avoidance of nuisance from pollution, noise, light or any other source. PDC Nos.
3 Development should not interfere with the effective and proper use of any other land in the vicinity, or prevent the attainment of the relevant zone objectives which apply to that other land.
6 The condition of: (d) land or buildings in which objects or materials are stored or kept in a manner which is unsightly or prejudicial to the health or safety of the community;
11 Development should not contribute to the pollution of air, water or land.
12 Development should take place in a manner which is not liable to cause an unreasonable nuisance to the community:
(a) by the emission of noise, vibration, odour, fumes, smoke, vapour, steam, soot, ash, dust, grit, oil, waste water, waste products, electrical interference or light;
(b) by stormwater or the drainage of run-off from the land; or
(c) loss of privacy.
Industrial Zone: PDC Nos.
1 Development should not include industries of a large scale or disruptive nature by emission of noise dust or smoke where they are likely to create a nuisance for adjoining land uses or future land uses.
4 The open storage of materials or other use of land should not be undertaken where it will present an untidy appearance as seen from adjoining roads.

Your petitioners therefore request that the Council not approve the development application.

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