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The US Congress is about to accept an automatic pay raise with the country trillions of dollars in debt, unemployment at a 20+ year high, real wages at a 30+ year low.

We have millions of uninsured Americans, our borders are not secure, Social Security and Medicare are just two of countless unfunded and unsustainable liabilities.

Congress is demanding no rise in compensation for banking and automobile executives while they receive taxpayers money and until they can provide a business model for viability.

We should demand no less from Congress.

We, the undersigned, call on our elected representatives in the United States Congress, collectively and individually to forgo any increase in taxpayer provided compensation until which time,

1) Inflation adjusted median family income has increased over the preceding calendar year;

2) The Consolidated Federal Debt of the US Government (exclusive of any offsets for Social Security or Medicare Trust Funds) has fallen in either real dollars or by a minimum of 5% of GDP;

3) No Congressional Earmarks are either proposed or funded in the preceding calendar year;

4) All taxpayer funds expended for both the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the Domestic Automobile Company Emergency Loan Facility have either been repaid in full or the Equity Warrants granted thereunder have been redeemed for an amount greater than the original funding;

5) The Congressional General Accounting Office and the Executive Office of Management and Budget have certified that the Social Security Trust Fund, The Medicare Trust Fund and Medicaid are financially viable for a minimum of 100 years from the time of such finding; and,

6) The Governors of the southern and northern border states and those governors of states with the 20 most traveled international airports and those governors of states with the most traveled seaports have certified that no more than one tenth of one percent of all peoples entering through those borders, airports or seaports are not US Citizens, Foreign Nationals with valid Passports and Visas or persons of foreign origin with valid work permits.

Until such time as the aforementioned are achieved individually and in severability, no Member of Congress shall accept any increase in taxpayer funded compensation under Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution.

Furthermore, if this petition is not accepted, all Members of Congress herein and in the future shall agree;

1) to only accept pay increases by recorded affirmative vote in their respective house;

2) any pay increase enacted by legislative inaction shall be immediately forfeit to the US Treasury but may be held in trust, without interest or accumulation on behalf of the member until which time the aforementioned articles are achieved.

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