#Local Government
The Forgotten North of the Central Coast

Our Community must unite to fight the latest outrageous proposal by this Government. The establishment of an Adult Prison in our backyards simply put will be a game changer for us all. Not only will our elderly and our young live in fear, the stigma of such a facility will undoubtedly see our hard earned property values plunge.

It has been revealed that two sites are under a cloud with Corrective Services actively seeking to establish a Prison either on Council owned land at Warnervale or at the now decommissioned Munmorah Power Station Site (owned by the Government). As a long serving Independent Councilor and Mayor of our Region, I make no apologies for calling this project for what it is, a total disgrace. It is not poor planning it is utter madness.

Again, we see the Government of the day using our scenic Central Coast as its dumping ground. We have all been fighting the Coal Companies, the Gas Companies and now to add insult to injury, we have to fight our own Government to stop this ridiculous Prison. As an outspoken Independent Councilor, I take no sides, however alarmingly both Labor and Liberal have shown their true colours, with both supporting the 'initiative.'

This is ominous and we must unite to fight this proposal and demonstrate to those in power, that to ignore us, they will do so at their political peril. Quite frankly for us all, this will be a game changer and the reasons we came here will be lost. This is a fight we cannot afford to lose and we must from the beginning, send a clear and unambiguous message to the Government, we will NOT stand by and accept such a proposal

We, the undersigned, without reservation totally reject the Government's outrageous proposal to establish an Adult Prison near our homes with utterly no consultation. Our Community does not want murderers, rapists and even possibly terrorists living in our backyards or our children living in fear. We are opposed to surrendering our Coast to become a criminal's playground or to see our property prices plunge.

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