#Animal Welfare
The Great Bull Run
United States of America

It is bad enough the tradition of The Running of the Bulls continues in Spain. Now, this company,The Great Bull Run, has decided that it will franchise these events nationwide in the US.

They bill this event as thrilling and fun? Really? For whom? When cattle stampede, they are panicked,not having fun!

This event is scheduled for July 12th of 2014 in the Chicago area,at Hawthorne Race Course. Please sign this petition and tell this company to keep this barbaric event out of our area!

If you want to get all the details,please visit the website, www.thegreatbullrun.com


Patty Vaccarella

We, the undersigned, do not want this event in our area.

We are taking a stand against animal cruelty, disguised as a sporting event. This is on the same level as dog or cock fighting and we oppose this event.

We wish to stop this event in the Chicago area and elsewhere.

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