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Blyk, the free mobile network for 16-24 year olds, are changing the way we receive our refills because apparently "They listened" to us. Instead of 43 free minutes and 217 free texts, it will be replaced with just £15 credit.

This is taking just over £12 top-up away from everyone, and as prices have gone p on minutes - it's not fair. 43 minutes usually being equivalent to £10.32 and 217 texts being equivalent to £17.36 (by the new prices) is something that everyone is used to.

Students and teens have barely any money nowadays and the whole point of Blyk is that it is a FREE mobile network and advertisers and companies pay them to text us. That money that they are paid is used to provide credit. This is an absolute outrage that they'd change it without offering people the option to decide...

Sign below and lets stop this change!

We, the undersigned, call on Blyk the free mobile network for 16-24 year-olds, to NOT change the refill system to £15 credit and keep the current 217 texts and 43 minutes monthly refill system.

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