Alberta Environment

BFI Canada has approached the residents living in and around Blackie, Alberta to allow them to build a class ll landfill one mile SE of the hamlet of Blackie. BFI has named it the Prairie Sky Resource Centre and claims this dump will not contaminate groundwater resources, that it will provide jobs and increase property values, etc.

BFI claims they will take care of any concerns such as odors, blowing garbage, dust, noise and birds. BFI has a notorious bad record througout North America and the majority of the residents of Blackie want no part of the proposed Prairie Sky Resource Centre.

BFI claims this dump will be good for our beautiful area and for our community but we say NO IT WON'T so GO AWAY!

We the undersigned persons, being residents in the Province of Alberta hereby petition Alberta Environment to deny issuing a class ll landfill license to BFI Canada for the proposed Prairie Sky Resource Centre slated to be located one mile from the hamlet of Blackie, Alberta.

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