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NJ Tranist has the equipment available to provide a ride without changing trains into New York Penn Station and in order to be equitable with the other train lines the Raritain Valley Line commuters, including those from Westfield, should have the one-seat ride available to them

Whereas The Raritan Valley Line has approximately 10% of the weekly commute ridership into Manhattan and there are 20 hourly slots available to NJ Transit to schedule service into or out of Manhattan during peak rush hours,

And whereas the dual-Mode Locomotives were specifically purchased with the intent of providing direct to Manhattan service for those lines, like the Raritan Valley line, that were not electrified when the ARC tunnel was completed

And whereas the dual-mode Locomotives are beginning to be put into regular use,

We, the undersigned, ask James Weinstein, NJ Transit Chairman and James Simpson, New Jersey Commissioner of Transportation, to provide the Raritan Valley line with two single-seat trains per hour during commute times into Manhattan as this is now our fair share of the available slots based on the ridership on the Raritan Valley Line.

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