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This petition is intended to show the NJ Nets that their fans would generate a massive amount of interest in the three preseason games played at the Prudential Center.

We are particularly targeting the teams CEO Mr. Brett Yormark. Which stated "I'm open and willing to consider any venue for some preseason games, if it's fiscally sound and gives me an opportunity to tap into a new consumer base -- it has nothing to do with us going to Brooklyn,".

Our intention is to bring a new consumer base from New Jersey, that would give our fans a closer perspective of the team that you are building. Thank You.

Dear Nets Fans:

My intended purpose for this petition is to show CEO Brett Yormark, that if there were a chance to have three games played at The Prudential Center you would buy a ticket.

Please sign the petition only if you are physically willing and able to attend the three preseason games.

For those of you that are unaware of the schedule of the games, they would be played in October of 2009.

Thank you for your support.

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