Nigerian Government, European Union, United State Of America, United Nation.

Nigerian local election observers and the international election observers and the president of Nigeria agreed that the last April election in Nigeria was massively rigged.

Nigeria President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua must Step aside.

Both the local and international election observers confirmed that the last April election that saw Mr. Yar’ Adua to power was marred with gross irregularities. See Link.

The election observers are not the only people that condemned this election. The Nigeria president himself has this to say about the election as well. “The last April election was massively rigged.”

If the president is so sincere as to publicly accept that the election that produced him as the president was “massively rigged” he should protect his integrity as well by honourably resign and step aside together with his Vice president.

Nigeria is strategically important to the whole of West Africa and Africa as a whole. Nigeria is the most populous black nation in this world. Many countries in Africa look up to Nigeria for good leadership. We all know what type of election other nations of Africa would conduct, looking at Nigeria election as a standard.

We have no grudges against the person of the President. He is a well disciplined individual and he must show his sincerity by publicly renouncing this stolen mandate.

We do not trust this government that it could put in place a sincere election reform, since the election that produced this government was a farce. This government was a product of election fraud and it would do all in its power to continue with the rigging of subsequent elections. To stop election rigging in Nigeria, we must stand up and call on the President who has publicly accepted that he was rigged into office to step aside.

The E.U and U.S had also voiced their opinions about this election. The whole world community knows that this election was rigged!

We the undersigned therefore call on the president, Mr. Yar’ Adua to step aside and call for new election in the interest of peace and justice.

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