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Nico Oneto, an 8 year old boy, has been in the hospital since December 11, 2014. He is fighting for his life against AML (acute myeloid leukemia). To add insult to the already injured, it was found out that on top of the AML, he also has FLT3 which is a chromosome that mutates and fights back against the chemo.

Nico has undergone a full first cycle of chemo to find out that the cancer cells remain the same.... his numbers are very high still. He started his next cycle of chemo which is more aggressive. Through this all he has always had a smile on his face and has shown such strength for a child.

Nico is a huge fan of Bruno Mars. Nico's Ninjas, and there are many supporters, would be so blessed if Bruno could take time out of his busy schedule to meet or even call Nico to give him words of encouragement.

Nico has no idea the amount of people he has brought together, near and far as well as strangers, for his cause. Nico deserves the world and we are trying to give it to him so he remains positive and always keeps that precious smile on his face.

Please help his family, friends, and everyone in between who has shown their support, in helping us make his dream come true.

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