Thousands of honest and loyal Pokemon Gamers were totally neglected in the last Niantic update (0.37.0). The battle that this company is making in order to stop cheaters from progressing in the game is going into the wrong direction.

Thousands, if not millions of users that bought phones like Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Metro, Sony, Alcatel and other brands are no longer capable to play the game due to the fact that these companies install a sort of root in their devices. Niantic, blinded by their erratic battles put these trustworthy gamers in the same level than the cheaters they want to ban. Users like us are getting the message every time we try to log in saying that "This device, OS or software is not compatible with Pokemon Go".

This petition is based on the principle that Niantic must correct their mistake and update Pokemon Go to a version where all of us can continuing playing the game.

Sign this petition in order to force Niantic to stop banning loyal and trustworthy gamers.

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The Niantic must let "Factory Rooted" phones to play Pokemon Go petition to Niantic was written by Miguel Teixeira and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.