The Tory MP for Thurrock
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At the last election, David Cameron pledged that he would protect the NHS. But his Government’s catastrophic and unnecessary plan is the biggest re-organisation of the NHS since it began in 1948.

The local cost of this wasteful re-organisation will be a massive £36Million. Plans for a new hospital in Thurrock have been put on hold.

Thurrock is a growing community. We need more services not fewer. The Government plans will allow hospitals to turn over 49% of their bed and services to private patients. That’s people who can pay to jump the queue.

We are calling on Thurrock’s Tory MP to listen to GPs, nurses, consultants and the vast majority of local people and vote with the people and vote against this expensive and wasteful Bill. Add your voice to our growing campaign to urge the Tory MP to put Thurrock first and Drop the Bill by signing our petition overleaf.

We support the growing campaign to urge Thurrock's Tory MP to put Thurrock first, protect our NHS from creeping privatisation and Drop the Bill.

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