NHL board of govenors, and hockey fans

We the above signed, believe that Hamilon Ontario has consistently proved itself as a hockey town, that has done whatever was needed to regain it' s place in the hockey world as an NHL city. Regardless of past mistakes were made by skipping over Hamilton, we urge those in position, to finally see Hamilton is built on Hockey!

Our love, and respect for the NHL is not hype, or a novelty. It is as strong as it was the day Copps Coliseum was built, for an NHL team.

Let our city show, what the true benefit of your new league, and player agreement was for.

Let us show, how a small market team can flourish under this new league agreement.

It's truly a shame the NHL has denied Hamilton an NHL team for 20yrs. Our city has given all it's had for a team.

Our downtown was constructed to accomodate the NHL, and, the hope is still with us! A chance is all we need.

Let Hamilton show the world, what the new collective bargaining agreement is for.

Competitive, small market hockey, hometown hockey, Canadian hockey!

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