#Civil Rights
All citizens
United States of America

Our democracy is being stolen from us every day when we wake to the news. This morning was distressing to know that the leader in the White House wants to revoke civil rights of NFL Players taken that if anyone that does not want to stand for the Anthem shouldn't be playing the game, shouldn't be there and well enough that they should not be in the country. When he was a presidential candidate say on air that that other regurgitating things about women, ethnic cleansing, and make the jest of disabled citizens. It is our time to take a stand (or knee) together,

We the American People, call on each the NFL teams to secure the rights under the Constitution of the United States of America be restored back to the players to choose the right to stand or kneel. If not reinstated the owners could face a strike of the 2018-2019 season from players, teams, and all the people that make this nation great.

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