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Bridgend County Borough Council
United Kingdom

Reference: P/12/55/TPN. Installation of a 15 metre telefonica O2 telecommunications column with 6 No. antennae & ground based cabinet ont he highway verge between Aldenham Road and Bridgend Road.

Petition to stop the erection of this mast. This mast:

* Would devalue property to a researched rate of 25% or make it unsalable.

* Would have an industrial appearance in a residential area.

* Would be visually obtrusive and ruin the character of the neighbourhood.

* Would be twice the height of the nearest tree and tower above the roofline of the street by some 5 metres, drastically affecting the skyline.

* Would add to the existing telephone mast on the verge and be an eyesore.

* Would cast an unwanted shadow over neighboring property and the surrounding natural vegetation.

* Would interfere with the roots of the surrounding trees.

* Would damage the character and quaintness of the village of Newton.

* Would emit microwaves and a low energy noise and therefore noise pollution which has known public health issues.

* Has already been refused erection in a minimum of 2 locations in Newton.

We, the undersigned, call on Bridgend County Borough Council to oppose and reject this application. Reference: P/12/55/TPN.

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