John Keys & Anthony Hill & David Shearer
New Zealand

On Friday 9th Dec, I was diagnosed by after hours service in Adelaide rd as having a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics. I could not afford to get the medication until Tuesday.

As a result I began to get unwell. I tried to contact after hours again but they were closed. I rang the healthline and told them I was concerned that there was something wrong with me. The healthline nurse said to go straight to Emergency Dept. Sat/sun 10th/11th Dec there, I asked the triage nurse at ED for help with possibly assisting me with some antibiotics until my invalids benefit came through the following Tuesday.

She checked my pulse and my oxygen intake and said the numbers were okay and that she would not be able to help me. She said my only option was to wait 7hours for a Doctor to write me another script for more anitbiotics. I had already been sitting in ED for over 4 hours. My partner Aroha Priest took me home and tried to make me as comfortable as possible. I went begging on the streets for script and petrol for car to get antibiotic Sunday afternoon, after ED refused to help me Sunday morning 12am-4.30am. After three days of Amoxicylin I became so unwell Aroha rang the nurse at Oratoa in Newtown on wed afternoon Dec14th. She informed the nurse of my deteriorating condition and the nurse Tamara immediately told Aroha to call an Ambulance to take me to hospital.

I have been in hospital for three days and the Doctors have informed me that I had fluid overload, my haemogloben was so low that I had to have three blood transfusions and I suffered a minor heart attack.(Angina) I do not believe a simple apology will' suffice with regard to this matter. My personal feelings at this point are that if I am unwell I cannot trust or rely on the Wellington Emergency Dept, in the event of me suffering a serious illness or event. This is not acceptable. A copy of this complaint is going to be sent to Minister Rawiri Love, John Key and Winston Peters. Somebody must be Accountable. I could have died. I still might die as a result.

Thanks and God Bless

Our Medical System needs to change! AGAIN! Could've been another fatality! Has it ALL just come down to $$$$$$....Are 'WE' the people of THIS NATION not worth it??...TOTALLY DISGUSTED IN OUR MEDICAL SYSTEM!!...


WE the undersigned , would like it brought to the attention of John Keys (Prime minister) and Anthony Hill (Health Commissioner)AS well as David Sharer (Labour leader) To look into this outrageous stuff up within our Health Care System!...

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