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New Zealand Not For Sale Campaign !

Does NZ need yet another free trade and investment agreement?

When the ones we already have are linked to...

* high international debt
* loss of good jobs
* asset stripping and risky speculation
* foreign exploitation of our natural resources
* increasing sales of land to overseas owners
* running down public assets and services
* loss of tino rangatiratanga and national sovereignty

The one being negotiated now could make things even worse...

* more expensive medicines
* no local content in broadcasting
* weaker controls on overseas investment in NZ
* foreign investors suing the government for millions in offshore tribunals
* weaker regulation of the financial sector
* more transnational control of essential services
* undermining action on climate change
* delays and restrictions on agricultural market access to the US

We say to the government STOP Negotiating

Don’t Sign the Transpacific Partnership Trade and Investment Agreement

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We the undersigned citizens and permanent residents of New Zealand call upon the Government of New Zealand

• to cease negotiations on the Transpacific Partnership agreement; and

• to not sign this agreement; and

• to cease work on any other in-progress or proposed international trade and investment treaties containing clauses which limit or abrogate New Zealand's sovereign and democratic right to make and enforce laws and regulations and provide services which differ from those of other states or transnational organisations.

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