#City & Town Planning
Fulton County Board of Education and City of Milton Mayor and City Council
United States of America

We the citizens of the City of Milton, Georgia OPPOSE the land choice by the Fulton County Board of Education for the new Birmingham High School on Freemanville Road, bordering Wood Road and Rolling Links Drive, (the old Kings Ridge Christian School site).

This school location choice does not follow the City of Milton’s existing Comprehensive Land Use Plan and does not fit the City’s future needs for a new High School demographically. In addition we feel this land is not an appropriate choice environmentally for the placement of any school building or the like.

This school site will be detrimental to the creeks, streams, and lake on this property due to the type of commercial septic system that would have to be in place to support this school, possible middle school, athletic fields, stadiums, and parking lots.

Placement of this school on this property will impose heavier traffic patterns during key drive periods and will result in decreased property values.

We respectfully OPPOSE this choice of land for the location of the proposed Birmingham High School and possible Middle School and endorse the old Milton High School campus or other land which would place it near a major traffic artery, such as Highway 9. (By Hwy 9 we are referring to the commercial area).

We the residents of the City of Milton strongly urge the Fulton County Board of Education to consider alternative locations that would be more appropriate for our new community and City.


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