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Peaceful protest should always be allowed, just as long as they remain peaceful.
When Protests turns violent and threatens the safety of innocent citizens, destruction of personal property and destruction of Government property, they should no longer be considered a peaceful protest but reclassified as a Riot.
When Protest turns into Riots, all those involved should be charged with felonies and be made to pay back any and all cost for any property that was damaged or destroyed.

If there is any destruction of personal property, businesses or Government buildings, all attendees of protest should be charged with Destruction of Property and be forced to pay any and all restitution.
If fires are started, all attendees should be arrested and charged with Arson and be made to pay restitution to owners or businesses that have incurred all damages and losses.
Anyone who speaks at Marches or Protests and ask for others to commit such violent acts should be charged with Inciting others to commit a felony act and should be held accountable for damages that have occurred directly or indirectly from their speech.
Assaulting Innocent people during a protest should be considered a hate crime and those committing such an offense should be charged and sentenced to a minimum of 1 year in jail. Longer sentences to those committing more serious assaults.

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