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It has been far too long since we had a predator game. Fans want a predator game with:

1. an option between 1st person and 3rd person view
2. create your own character to an extent option
3. open world free play maps with several locations such as earth and alien planets
4. a rank system and leveling up system
5. upgradable weapons and armour
6. build your own clans/hunting party's on online play for bug hunts and other types of hunts
7. in depth predator combat mechanics
8. variety of creatures to hunt from humans, aliens and any new creatures
9. combat challenge from other players so no one can just come up and kill you
10. overall in depth predator culture, tech, and play.

For ps3, ps4, 360, xbox one, and pc.

If you are tired of there being too many alien solo games and not enough predator ones please sign this as there is a demand for this kind of game.

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