#Roads & Transport
Ernie White - Leicestershire County Council
United Kingdom

With the building of the new St George's and Sophia housing developments within the village, it has become apparent that owing to the road widening on Long Street and the increased level of traffic, there is a definite requirement for a SAFE place for our residents to cross this main busy road before someone is injured or indeed killed.

The current 'refuge' provided just up from Clint Hill is insufficient for those with children & pushchairs and it is impossible to have a clear view of the on-coming traffic from the west side of the street.

Alot of our children HAVE to cross this road to get to and from the primary school, so please... help us to keep them safe by petitioning for a new 'zebra' pedestrian crossing.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Leicestershire County Council's Highways Department to safeguard our residents and to provide our village, Stoney Stanton, with a new 'zebra' pedestrian crossing on Long Street.

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