#City & Town Planning

Time and time again, story after story, the city council of Ottawa have shown that they are out of touch with reality and with the people of Ottawa. Priorities of providing the basic levels of services to the citizens of Ottawa are no longer being dealt with.

Constant infighting amongst the councillors, the inability to make any decisions that will improve the quality of life for Ottawa, have shown that this council needs to be removed from office.

The city of Ottawa does not have a revenue problem. The city of Ottawa has a spending problem, and it needs to stop!

We, the undersigned Citizens of Ottawa, are fed up with the lack of direction and the inability to make sound financial decisions by the elected city of Ottawa councillors.

The city of Ottawa's elected councillors no longer behave with any sort of professional competence, and because of this we the citizens of Ottawa call for them to resign, and allow the citizens of Ottawa to elect a new council who will act and govern the city of Ottawa collectively.

To elect a city council who will govern within the financial means available to them and the city. A council that will work together for the collective good of the city, and not only for his or her ward. A council that that will work to ensure that projects are funded only with available funds, and not fund projects that are not within the budget by constantly raising taxes as the only response to ensure said projects are completed. A council that will make a decision, without having to revisit or revise the decision time after time.

The citizens of Ottawa, deserve better!!!

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