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New Line Cinema

Due to a law-suit against New Line Cinema by Wingnut Films, which resulted from an audit undertook on part of the income of The Fellowship of the Ring, there have been legal problems associated with Peter Jackson and Wingnut films being a part of The Hobbit film adaptation.

Peter Jackson sent an email to website www.theonering.net explaining that he and his team have been passed by New Line for the job of helming The Hobbit.

They were hoping to have this resolved but due to being told by New Line that in order to make the film, they would need to commit to make the Hobbit by tieing the lawsuit and the movie deal together, they had to decline due to creative reasons (which should be put above financial reasons).

We, the undersigned, call on New Line Cinema to re-consider their decision of passing on Director Peter Jackson for the job of helming The Hobbit film adaptation.

We understand there are legal matters involved in this situation, but the creative spirit injected into the Lord of the Rings films proves that its worth getting everything sorted out so that Peter Jackson and his fine team can bring their vision of The Hobbit to life.

So we ask that you please, at least, re-consider your position on this matter and sort out all legal problems/considerations as soon as possible so that The Hobbit film can benefit from a creative continuity that is only possible through Peter Jackson and his wonderful team.

Thank you for your time,

The Undersigned

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