New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema has made billions from JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings saga. They've given NONE of that back to Tolkien's family - as per his wishes.

They signed a contract to give 7.5% of the gross to the The Tolkien Trust (and others) before the films were made - and all they've had so far is the upfront payment!

Recently it came to light that even after years of behind-the-scenes negotiations New Line had not paid so much as a penny of this owed money, were in breach of the contract - and yet still seek to make money off Tolkien's works (The Hobbit).

When folk were producing unlicensed books, Tolkien's fans stood up and were counted.

Will Tolkien's fans sit by and watch the Tolkien Trust be cheated out of its rightful money?

We, the undersigned, are Tolkien fans.

We thinks it is abominable that New Line Cinema doesn't honour its contracts, particularly when they've made so much money off Tolkien's endeavour.

We call on New Line Cinema to honour their contract and pay up!

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