#Residential Disputes
United States of America

Each tenants rights have been violated by the Highland Park Housing Commission. Due to the fact that the Comission itself made a decision without tenants approval.

Thereforth it is our rights to block the decision of the Commission on the grounds that (We the Tenants) do not feel that the election Director is qualified to serve in the directors position.

We (The Citizens) Tenants that lives in Downes Manor Public Housing, located in the City of Highland Park Michigan, are calling on the Highland Park Housing Commission to reconsider another person for the position of the Housing Director.

Due to the fact that the history of Highland Park Housing has always been operated by a Afro-American director, WE (The Citizens) Tenants will always honor that historical fact, and We are petitioning the Housing Commission to honor our request by appointing another person to that position.

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