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Badminton has a 40 year history in Darwin and provides health benefits to a range of Territorians. It brings together a strong social and supportive network for all people across ages, gender and culture. Badminton is played seven days a week for 50 weeks of the year with 240 regular players using the current Sports House facility each week.

It is a growing sport in the Northern Territory and players compete at national and international levels and in previous Arafura Games. Together with training of players in Asian counties, badminton provides tangible examples of Asian engagement with the Northern Territory.

Following receipt of an eviction notice in May 2013, NT Badminton Association Inc. (NTBA) together with the Department of Sport & Recreation has been unable to identify a suitable alternative venue. Should the Northern Territory Government (NTG) continue its intention to evict badminton without an adequate alternative, then badminton will most likely die.

The NT Badminton Association New Venue Proposal September 2013 was provided to the NT Government on 30 September 2013 for consideration and incorporation into the Government’s 2014/15 Budget. It proposes the development of a multi-purpose facility for badminton, judo and table tennis at Marrara and we believe it would be the best ‘value for money’ for the NT Government. The proceeds expected by the NT Government from the sale of the Sports House site would significantly exceed the cost of building the proposed facility.

Currently, 1,400 Territory families benefit each week from the Sports House (Badminton) and Gymnastics-Judo-Table Tennis (Marrara) facilities. The proposed facility would increase the capacity for these four sports and enable 2,700 families to benefit each week.

The proposed facility also addresses current issues with sports including judo and gymnastics, which already have long waiting lists for children who are unable to sign up and can’t use their $75 Sports Vouchers from the NT Government.

We want badminton to be treated fairly and supported as a growing sport in the Northern Territory where other sports, such as cricket, soccer, football and racing receive the lion’s share of the funding.


The Assembly will defer the eviction of badminton from the Sports House facility and agree to allocate funds for and facilitate construction of a new multi-purpose facility for badminton, table tennis and judo at Marrara during the 2014-2015 financial year as detailed in the NT Badminton Association New Venue Proposal September 2013.

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