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Due to the overwhelming weather activity that Boston has sustained in the last month, rendering roads impassable, schools shut down, a mass transit complete meltdown, tempers are running unusually high (even for Boston.) In the next 4 days, we are anticipated to see another 10-18 inches of snow, which is likely to be enough snow to break the collective Bostonian psyche.

You have a way to restore at least a modicum of relaxation to the region.

Yesterday, there was an accidental release of Netflix's "House of Cards: Season 3." All of Boston thought that this was a gift from the powers that be at Netflix as a consolation for the dissolving of all stability in the region. However, access was revoked almost instantly, and it was proven to be a mistake.

We ask Netflix, no, we implore you, to rerelease the series at Midnight on Saturday February 14, 2015, in preparation for the coming Blizzard.

As the primary source of entertainment for people stuck inside waiting out a storm, if Netflix would extend this gesture to the poor winter sufferers of Boston, it would surely solidify lifelong Netflix customers, and likely see an increase in subscription as a result.

We the citizens of Boston, Providence, Portsmouth, Portland, and all other New England coastal towns and areas, call on Netflix to release "House of Cards: Season 3" two weeks early, in preparation for the impending Blizzard set to strike New England on Saturday and Sunday, February 14-15, 2015, to allow for binge watching while waiting out the storm - in between trips to shovel the driveway.

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