#Children's Rights
United States of America

The prevalence rate of 1 of every 150 makes autism one of the most common developmental disabilities, affecting more children than childhood cancer, Down Syndrome and juvenile diabetes, combined.

Autism manifests differently in every individual on the spectrum. However we all have three commonalities, we socialize intellectually, which effectively means we are genetically different than the general population. The second thing is that we are by definition an invisible class of people, third we don't lie (theory of mind).

Another misconception about us is that autism is more severe for some individuals than others, how can any researcher make this deduction when they have not worn our skin? I have High Functioning Aspergers, my language abilities are amazing, this being said I am rendered silent in social situations due to my anxiety, inability to trust, and how much I truly will bore my listener.

You can't begin to fathom the frustration, being ostracized, of knowing that for all of time I will never be able to communicate verbally to others. The anxiety, depression and isolation is overwhelming, when considering this idea. Do I really have the ability to speak? No only via typed words, the fear of not being able to figure out where people are coming from is debilitating. It is safe at home, I know that there are hundreds of thousands of parents who battle every day with the public school system.

You are not alone my child suffers every day he goes to school, his FAPE is violated, he is physically abused, misunderstood by professionals who carry titles that say they specialize in helping him. I have come to one conclusion, I can't hide anymore I will not tolerate another child being misunderstood by the public school systems in this country.

I will not see these children's unique gifts squandered away because they don't think like the rest of this world! Join me in signing this petition to demand that our Congress change the educational laws and system for education our very special children, and remove the glass that all autistic individuals stand behind.

We, the undersigned, call upon the United States Government (President, Senate, and Congress) to enact legislation that changes the way children on the Autism Spectrum or neurological diverse in the United States of America are educated. Further more we request that this legislation creates a separate school district for these unique and gifted children, who learn in a truly different way.

Current laws are written by neurotypical individuals, who have not an inkling as to what it feels like to be in a public school in "The least restrictive environment", is in actuality "The most restrictive environment" for and Autistic child.

Action must be taken and swiftly, and not to take years to achieve!

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