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For years our political leaders and great thinkers have a vision of a developed India. India is progressing, no doubt about that, but the level of progress is not enough for us to catch up with the other big players of this world.

We need to do it fast, better and more important with full honesty. We need a target. A target that will push not just the government but each and every citizen of our country to perform. A target that will kindle the flame in all of us. To see development in the grass root level of our society. I request to my country lets host the 2020 Olympics in our capital city New Delhi.

After the next Olympics (London 2012) the Olympics Committee will decide which city will get the chance to host the 2020 Olympics. We have 4 years from now to come with ideas and schemes to impress the committee. And we have 12 years from now to make all those dreams, ideas and schemes to become a reality. Most of our major cities are getting a Metro rail services in near future and also a second international airport. If the government and the country as whole want these sorts of developments through out the country then we need the will power to do it. Having a target like this will test the will power of the people and their determination in achieving things fast and in an honest way.

We all know that the Indian politics is corrupted, but ‘we’ can change them. We have the power called democracy with us to force them to change. All we need is to be bold enough to say to them enough. To be bold we need a sense of responsibility and need of urgency in us. Such a target is a great responsibility and to achieve that we have to push ourselves hard. And at that condition people won’t tolerate politicians who are delaying things with corruption.

So on the 61st Independence day of our nation let us all sign this petition and forward this to all our fellow Indians so that we can create a peoples movement for the people and lets us create a developed India for our children to be proud of. Let us host Olympics 2020 in our capital city New Delhi.


We, the undersigned, call on The Indian Olympic Association, The Indian Government and all our fellow Indians to take initiation towards hosting Olympics 2020 in New Delhi and make it a reality and use this as a trigger to drive development in a mush faster, efficient and honest way for the entire country.

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