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This is a petition to request the installation of a pedestrian crosswalk signal between the streets of Mill Creek and Haven ave, on Riverside dr. where the end of the median planter is located.

The median is located beginning at mill creek and following till the end of the school. Although there is a cross walk at the corner of mill creek and at the corner of Haven Ave. there are still quite a number of children who dangerously cross and cannot be seen through the bushes in the median. There have been accidents involving cars that have had to stop abruptly due to children darting into the street trying to cross illegally.

Although there is a large drop on the north side of Riverside Dr. (across from Colony High School) there is a part where there is a flat surface. It would be possible to create a side-walk from the street to the existing side-walk.

The addition of the signal will facilitate a solution to dangerous jaywalking as well as encourage drivers to slow down on this turn and yield to pedestrians and perpendicular traffic, something that is rarely seen at the current time.

We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Transportation of Ontario to install a pedestrian crossing signal in between Mill Creek and Haven Ave, on Riverside Drive.

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