#Students' Rights
Bus Department
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The people who rides bus 53 at Fountain Fort Carson High School does not like our new bus driver. The bus driver has taken our rights that we had. We are no longer able to chew gum have water no electronics. All the other bus drivers let people have their rights.

Our new bus driver has put us in assigned seats but she moves people around so whats the point of having assigned seats and we can't sit in them. Other bus drivers dont have assigned seats. This bus driver has been driving a bus for 5 months now and she keeps hitting things running things over.

All we want is our rights back we all tried to get along with the bus driver but shes really not respecting us. Please help us out bus # 53 for Fountain Fort Carson High School.

We, the undersigned, call on the Students who ride bus # 53 to sign the petition for a new bus driver.

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