TV3 coverage of the Rugby World Cup is a disgrace and should never be repeated.

We the undersigned believe TV3 should never be given the rights to a rugby world cup again and should hang its head in shame because..

1. The Ads. The Super Bowl has less ads. It's like watching a shopping channel with the odd rugby break.

2. Japan beat South Africa in the biggest world cup shock ever and within 10 seconds of the final whistle TV3 have gone to ads. The abiding memory of this world cup should have been the Japanese on field celebrations rather than an ad for FBD insurance. After the considerably lengthy ad break TV3 cuts back to the studio for some piss poor analysis and Hugo McNeill regailing stories of his time in Japan. It was a shambles.

3. The ads.

4. Going to ads during the national anthems. Shocking stuff. I assume some greedy head bottle washer decided "i know, lets make a few more quid by putting on a nivea ad during the anthems". You should be ashamed.

5. The ads.
6. The studio.
7. The ads.
8. The ads.

9. The commentary when a bit of rugby occaissionly breaks out amongst the ads. Id imagine being waterboarded is less painful. where did they get these people? Why not run a few ads for some decent commentators?
10. The ads.

11. The analysis. Why did you bother paying anyone when there is no analysis? Do they do their analysis during the ad breaks? have you tricked them by telling them they are on TV?
12. The ads.

13. Its a shambles from start to finish. Stick to Corrie.

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