Travel Agents who wish to stop Network Marketers

Recently, brick and mortar travel agents filed a petition threatening Travel Vendors and Associations loss of support if they continued to conduct business with network marketing companies, such as YTB.

In response to their negative assault, all network marketers would like to unite and express to those involved, the strength of our collective "TEAM".

We believe in each persons individual right to pursue business and believe that network marketing strengthens the fabric of America by offering financial options to many seeking unconventional employment.

These options allow many of us to stay at home and raise our children. We believe this to be a human right that no one should try to stifle.

We the undersigned, call on brick and mortar travel agents to rescind their threat to Travel Vendors and Associations as a way of trying to "bully" them into submission.

We, as a united "TEAM", also request an apology issued to Network Marketers worldwide.


The Undersigned "TEAM"

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