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The Government of Nepal, the Cabinet and the Supreme Court of Nepal

The Kathmandu- Terai Fast Track Project is a much awaited project of national interest and carries prospects for the overall country's economic benefit and long term development.

Following a call for global tender on the project, the then government had tabled a proposal in the cabinet meeting to award the project to “the Consortium” based in India. However, serious concerns were raised by a group of cabinet members and experts over the extremely high costs, financial viability of the project associated with the risk in the form of minimum revenue guarantee laid out in the proposal.

Following a writ filed by two advocates; supreme court intervened in the then government's decision to award the contract on 8 October 2015 until court's further decision. No decision was reached until Supreme court quashed the writ filed by two advocates following K.P Oli led government's decision to construct the project itself through policies and programs, managing financial and skilled resources internally.

This is an appreciative decision, that not only boosts Nepal's ability, confidence and self reliance but also gives an opportunity to identify and mobilize internal resources and utilize both the skilled and unskilled manpower of the country; discouraging brain drain and migration to foreign countries.

Nepal can execute this project on its own! I signed the petition. Please, JOIN THE CALL!

We the undersigned call on the Government of Nepal, the Cabinet and the Supreme Court to ensure that the proposed Kathmandu-Terai Fast Track Project be constructed by the Government of Nepal itself managing its resources internally.

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