Alexander The Great

Oct 25, 2004

Hey people I just found a downloadable program that plays games on neopets automatically and can post scores unlimited time with a time of 12 hours max (according to nst.time of neopets).

The only inconvenient is that it can only work once on an account.I already used it on mine. It got me 278 000np on a 7 hour play. What I propose, is I do this on your account but i get 70% of the np made. It can get you up to 130 000np if i let it 12 hours.Some systems like this one might exist but dont get scammed for a stupid reason.If you trust me, you can get some np help, but if you dont, I absolutely understand you.

I knew this system quite a long time but wouldn't use it because it can take out some fun. I started using it after I got scammed and lost 654 000np and items.If you believe me, or you don't but need some advice just email to this place.


We want a program that automatically plays games and posts them unlimited times.

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