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A 'Neighbours' omnibus on Sunday mornings would massively increase young people's satisfaction with the BBC.

Our generation have grown up with the Robinsons, Kennedys, Ramsays and others. But, alas, we are now moving out of education and into the workplace. (It is disturbing to discover that most companies are unwilling to give employees a break at 1.40 or 5.35)

There is only one answer: A Neighbours omnibus at the weekend, to catch up on all the week's Ramsay Street action. Eastenders gets one, and it's crap. So why isn't there a Neighbours one? There is a huge amount of unused digital bandwidth on BBC THREE and BBC FOUR - neither has any programmes before 7pm on a Sunday. Neighbours could fill that gap, at minimum cost, and make millions of young people happy.

Sign our petition, and make it happen. Because everybody needs good neighbours.

That a Neighbours Omnibus, replaying all the week's Ramsay Street action, be shown in the spare time available on BBC THREE or BBC FOUR on a Sunday morning.

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