#Students' Rights
Elk Grove Unified School District
United States of America

The Elk Grove Unified School District ranks among the five largest school districts in the state and the largest of Northern California. Above all, the district boasts greater diversity than many other neighboring school districts. Yet, for all we are, we lack fair representation, particularly to our students. With more than 63,000 students in EGUSD, it is not too much to ask that one or more of these students be allowed to voice the student body perspective when discussing and voting on district policies. This request is not a reflection nor a criticism on the board’s performance; this is a hope that our community will only improve with increased participation and transparency. If EGUSD expects its students to become of the highest caliber citizens, it must provide students their right to a voice. Students, as followers of the policies put out by the district, deserve to at least offer their opinions among the board. The board itself cannot represent all of these students as school cultures drastically change now and in decades to come. EGUSD should follow in the examples set out by LAUSD, SCUSD, WJUSD, California State Board of Education, and many others across the state. Currently, the board has a student advisory committee. However, these students only give reports of school updates. We would like to see that students be able to voice their opinions instead of mere reporting of facts.
With at least ten percent or five hundred students signed, Governor Brown’s amended California Education Code Section 35012 demands that the school district appoint a student school board member upon receipt. With SB468 and AB261, California law mandates students be given the same privileges as all board members, including full voting rights and all meeting materials presented at the same time as it is to board members.

We, the undersigned, call on Elk Grove Unified, the largest school district in Northern California, to join a growing number of school districts in adopting a preferential voting student member(s) to the Elk Grove Board of Education in hope of increasing student awareness, accountability, and participation in our local education policy. We relinquish the selection process to EGUSD but would like to suggest that all high schools nominate a rising senior to be further assessed by the district. We hope EGUSD will hold its students' best interests at heart and take this request in enthusiasm for the future of collaboration with our students and board members.

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