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June 27, 2009

call for AN immediate action

From: millions of freedom seeking minds, Neda Azadis, demanding Referendum to achieve democracy in Iran

To: United Nations Headquarter

United Nations Security Council

760 United Nations Plaza,

New York, NY 10017, USA

Attention: The United Nations Security Council members: Ban Key Moon, U.S President Barak Obama, French President Nicholas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Markel, English Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Pouting, Chinese President Hu Jinato, and to all other world leaders of G8, Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, and all International news agencies

Attachments: Signed Petitions of one million people in support of Referendum in Iran
The rigged election of June 12, 2009 in Iran ran by Ahmadinejad and Khamenei, has disgusted millions of Iranians and the international communities. Worse yet, the fundamentalist regime has repressively responded to the public outcry with a new wave of brutal baton beatings, firing tear gas, aerial drops of burning chemicals, home raids, and shooting directly into public gatherings. The brutal repression has caused countless deaths and thousands of injured civilians. This ruthless regime has been attacking hospitals and taking wounded and injured into Evin Prison, Kahrizak Prison, and other unknown locations for more torture and executions. Hundreds of live horror stories indicate that another “Holocaust” is underway, Hitler Style, by this Taliban-minded regime. The oppressors have hired non-Iranian soldiers of Hezbollah and Hamas to kill the innocent and unarmed Iranian civilians who have only stood up against this brutal regime to declare and defend their basic human rights. Iranian people are only exercising the right to express themselves and the right to gather in public, peaceful gatherings. Iranian people have not exercised any rights to bear arms and yet, they are being shot at! Their armor is their flaming body.

Recent sociopolitical events in Iran demonstrated and proved that “reform and moderation can not evolve from this Islamic fundamentalist regime of Iran”. Neither Khamenei (Supreme Leader), Ahmadinejad, Mousavi, Rezaei, Karubi, Khatami, nor Rafsanjani represent the will of the Iranian people. Each of these men is part of the same fundamentalist, extremist, and state sponsored terrorist government and has blood on his hands.

It has been for more than 100 years that Iranians have fought for freedom and democracy against “Dictator Rulers of Iran”. For more than a century, hundreds of thousands of Iranian freedom fighters have been imprisoned, tortured, and killed. The real revolution has been repeatedly hijacked by groups of internal or external opportunists. For the past 30 years, over 100,000 innocent people have been killed and tortured by this tyrannical regime for freedom of speech and other basic human rights.

On June 20, 2009, one of these brave “freedom fighters” was Neda Agha-Soltan. Neda decorated the history of Iran with the blood of her martyrdom, just as other hundreds of thousands of martyrs did for freedom of Iran. Her real nickname is now Neda Azadi. Neda is the face of Iran. Neda is the voice of Iran. Neda is the symbol of the Iranian resistance against this brutal regime. As the world watched, Neda’s ultimate sacrifice through her murder by an Ahmadinejad’s Basiji gunman, demonstrates that the Iranian government has totally lost its legitimacy. Neda means regime change. Neda means calling for democracy and freedom. Neda’s singular wish was just to get her vote counted! No government has the right to act in such a brutal way to its own citizens! The International community, as well as Iranians, is also extremely concerned to have nuclear power in the hands of this recklessly brutal regime. Neda died chanting “Death to Dictators” and “Death to Khamenei. Neda did not die in Vein!

Neda’s “call” is for a new REFERENDUM in Iran. So, let the freedom ring!

We, the undersigned of this petition:

1) Call for the international leaders to immediately nullify the recent Iranian election and rightfully deny legitimacy to this government.

2) Request that Sepahe-Pasdaran and Basij (government’s special Para-military forces) must be disarmed by the United Nations peacekeeping forces.

3) Urge the United Nation to immediately send peace-keeping forces from multiple nations to Iran. The world community must administer and supervise a new REFERENDUM, so people may choose their own government through their new candidates. The world community must act quickly and efficiently to prevent further massacres of Iran’s peaceful protestors by an illegitimate and unwanted government.

4) Request that the referendum occur within the next thirty days or sooner in Iran for the election of a new democratic regime that respects the separation of church and state.

5) Request that the International Red Cross send a medical team to treat the wounded and the injured.

6) Request that a Team from an Amnesty International and a medical team from the International Red Cross to inspect the prisons and obtain the release of thousands of political prisoners.

7) Request that all world leaders immediately stop all diplomatic and economic relations with the Mullahs’ brutal regime. Specifically, we request that strict economic sanctions be imposed in regards with stopping any and all “Oil and Benzene” transactions. The Iranian people nullify and void any and all financial transactions made between current Iranian government and any foreign government as of the date of martyrdom of Neda and will not consider those government “a friend“ of Iranian people in Iran’s future.

8) Call for continued peaceful global demonstrations in support of Iranian movement for Regime Change till the call for a new referendum is achieved.
In summery, we the undersigned, acknowledge that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s repressive theocracy regime must end soon without further costs to human lives and we request for immediate and peaceful referendum in Iran through a democratic election process supervised by The United Nations peacekeeping forces as outlined above. We further discourage and condemn any forms of talks or appeasement with these terrorist Mullahs as well as any military intervention by any foreign armed forces except for the United Nations peacekeeping force.

We, the undersigned, call for referendum in Iran, supervised by U.N. peace keeping forces

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