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Participate in an event that will be written into the history books. Please sign our appeal to the United Nations and help 10 000 nauruans.

Nauru is a tiny island just 40 kilometers south of the Equator in the Pacific Ocean. There are 10 000 people who call this island home.

Formerly a beautiful tropical paradise, Nauru was exposed to the cruel destructive mining practices of western companies when phosphate deposits were discovered in the beginning of the last century (lately phosphate control passed to the locally owned company). A hundred years of ruthless natural resource mining has left only lifeless limestone pinnacles and a narrow coastal strip.

With its ecosystem destroyed, this former tropical utopia now resembles a lunar landscape covered in phosphate dust. An abominable detention centre for asylum seekers nicknamed "Australian Guantanamo" was built there by the Australian government. The world's smallest country has been turned into a prison for refugees.

Sea level rise and the eroding coastline, Nauru's only habitable area, threaten not just the Nauruans very existence but also many other countries in the Pacific ocean. Some of them are alredy experience the impacts of climate change. It displaced millions of people, damaged livelihoods, and caused a severe economic toll. Nauruans will be forced to choose between leaving their home or dying on a sinking island too. All of the islanders truly love their island and want to remain in the land of their ancestors.

The story of Nauru allows us to glimpse into the future. It shows us clearly that the exhaustive mining of natural resources and overconsumption will leave its mark. So let's try to prevent disasters rather than having to deal with their tragic consequences.

Nauruans need an alternative plan, an opportunity to successfully rebuild their lives. By helping Nauru we can show the world that islands are just like people and are not alone. There will always be someone who will extend a helping hand.

We, the undersigned, appeal to the General Assembly of the United Nations to create a special commission to investigate the ecological and humanitarian disaster happening on Nauru Island.

We also call upon the General Assembly to develop a rescue plan for the population of Nauru. Let's try to prevent disasters rather than having to deal with their tragic consequences.

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