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Puppy mills are facilities which overbreed dogs strictly for greed. These animals are victims of unusually cruel treatment. Thousands of puppies are born each year, many to the same mother who is bred continuously until she eventually dies. These puppies are then sold to pet stores and sometimes the public via the internet. Most die shortly after.

The conditions in which these innocent dogs and puppies are forced to live are beyond inhumane. They are locked in too small cages, the housing conditions are poorly ventilated with no heat in the winter or air in the summer. They eat, sleep and literally live in their own urine, feces and vomit.

The 'breeders' are unlicensed and irresposible which ultimately results in some form of illness. These animals suffer from malnutrition, skin infections, eye, ear and/or teeth loss, depression, fear and various diseases with minimal or no medical attention. The list is endless. Some are lucky enough to be rescued and their lives saved, others meet a very different, very harsh fate.

On behalf of all the dogs and puppies imprisoned in puppy mills, please put an end to this heartbreak. Unfortunately, these dogs and puppies cannot speak for their rights and their cries are unheard except by those inflicting their pain. They need us to speak out for them and save them from being victims of this life whose fate is torture and ultimately death.

While the Humane Society of the United States and the S.P.C.A. are doing a wonderful job of locating and shutting down puppy mills, more needs to be done. Animal cruelty is against the law in all states but currently there are only individual state laws in the United States banning puppy mills.

We the undersigned implore you to take into consideration passing a criminal law which bans puppy mills nationwide and imposes stricter penalties to those who break this law. We need to stop this unnecessary suffering of these animals who share our world.

Please hear my plea and the plea of so many others who speak on behalf of these dogs and puppies who cannot speak for themselves. Leave the breeding to those who do it for the love of dogs and not the love of greed.

Perhaps if the United States passes this law, other countries will follow and we can put an end to this worldwide cruelty forever. Please give them the life they deserve and so desperately cry out for.

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